Management Communication

  • Communicate expectations of project vision and expectations throughout departments and organization
  • Present proposals, progress reports, analyses, newsletters, and technical presentations to technical and nontechnical audiences
  • Communicate business, product, and/or technical requirements, tasks, and status
  • Communicate multi-departmental business processes


  • Design, facilitate, and manage a technical national conference with five main contributing organizations and approximately 300 attendees
  • Design, facillitate, and lead formal training through University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Facilitate interaction to achieve consensus in multiple levels of corporate, university, and government personnel and the general public
  • Liaise between technical and nontechnical persons; multiple levels of corporate, university, and government personnel; the general public, and at-risk youth
  • Facilitate motivational training and coach in career and personal-growth paths

Business Writing

  • Design and develop business proposals, progress reports, and newsletters
  • Design, develop, and present technical presentations for technical and nontechnical audiences
  • Work with technical personnel to rewrite, structure, and edit highly technical proposals, progress reports, presentations, and project/program specifications and documentation

Instructional and Curricula Design

  • Design a multi-tiered Web certificate program adopted by Continuing Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Design and deliver technical and business training
  • Develop training curricula for Human Resources projects


  • Create an award-winning business plan with comprehensive marketing materials and strategy (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York)
  • Design and develop marketing materials, product packaging, Web sites, and newsletters
  • Reorganize, rewrite, and edit narrative content for Web marketing
  • Optimize web pages for search engines
  • Create logos and branding
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