• Contribute as organization's sole resource to design and manage a complex training program from business analysis through steady state. Project required input from staff and contractors in five locations (four in the United States and one overseas), managing 22 foreign contractors, and extensive national and international travel.

Project Management

  • Plan and manage projects throughout development life cycle and across groups/organizations
  • Design, evaluate, and create project plans to maximize efficiency, completeness, consistency, and productivity
  • Manage business analysis, documentation, and training
  • Track and report on projects
  • Present technical project proposals and progress reports to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Communicate all facets of a project from the vision and participant expectation through final project summaries and continual improvement

Personnel Management

  • Manage 22 international contractors
  • Manage personnel across shifts
  • Manage temporary and seasonal contractors
  • Manage adult students in classroom settings
  • Hire, supervise, motivate, evaluate, and train personnel
  • Lead technical teams
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